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Older Homes VS
New Construction

What is your preference?

Look below at the issues with either. Then consider:

What if we could take away all the issues with the Older Homes.

What would you prefer then?

  • Because most new homes are built in subdivisions on the outskirts of a city, a new home may also mean a longer commute.
  • Most new homes are part of a development. These developments can be as small as a handful of homes on a cul-de-sac or as large as several hundred family homes. Your neighbors’ home may look much like yours, with similar floor plans and facades. For some buyers, that neat homogeneity is a plus, for others, a con.
  • Lots in a new development are often smaller than those in established areas and are cut in a similar size and shape. Mature trees are often few and far between.
  • All builders are not alike. Some build quality products that they warranty for a designated period of time and others do not. Check with the Better Business Bureau and snoop around online before purchasing from any builder, and ask other homeowners in the development whether they are pleased with their purchase.
  • Surfaces may be worn or dated. 

  • Appliances are no longer under warranty.

  • More maintenance and/or remodeling may be required.

  • Depending on when the home was built, the home may be less energy efficient and more costly to heat and cool.

  • A thorough home inspection by a licensed professional inspector is a must and may reveal problems that you do not want to inherit, such as a cracked foundation, a leaky roof or basement, or seeping sewage lines. If the inspection reveals fixable flaws, propose the seller do the repairs or lower the price.

  • Expect the unexpected. Appliances quit, toilets leak, and furnaces fail as components age.


  1. Get preapproved with the nation’s largest mortgage company which specializes in the FHA 203K loan.  This is a government sponsored loan that allows anyone qualified to buy a home. Find the home, close and within the next 6 months FHA will fund improvements before you move in.
  2. Finding the correct home with the right things wrong is the key to this program.  We will show you homes that do fit this program that already have bids for upgrades and remodeling.
  3. We will confirm with our approved lender that any upgrades and remodeling will leave you equity in the home when finished. 
  4. My team will provide all the skills and trades necessary to do your upgrade and remodel from our package of decor and upgrades
  5. When complete, you get the keys and move in to your fully remodeled and upgraded home. You now own a home that’s BETTER than new, generally a larger lot in an established neighborhood with all new appliances, flooring, bathrooms, paint and landscaping.  We often will add on to the home and increase the value simply by increasing the space.  It will not be a cookie cutter home in any way. 

Sound good?  Fill in the form and we’ll get back to you with the details. We have our contractor standing by and have picked out 5 homes that fit this program perfectly. 

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