Lead generation ranked ‘most challenging’ part of business for new agents

A broker of more than 10 years whose annual production is more than $10 million expressed it well: “We are in the lead-generation business. We get to sell real estate when we have clients. Develop a healthy lead gen system and stick with it. If you can do that, you’ll always fall forward when you stumble.

“Take every educational opportunity thrown your way and seek them out if they’re not immediately available. Never stop lead generating and never stop learning.”  At AgencyOne, we offer our brokers 24/7 education from the best teachers in the business. 

Many respondents suggested an industry apprenticeship/internship program — asking younger agents to “earn their wings” before being trusted with a transaction of their own.

“New agents need to be treated as new agents and they need to earn their wings in the business by working as sub-agents to larger agents or be trained and under supervision for more than a couple transactions,” said one senior broker. “Real estate is a business that needs to be learned by experience and time, it takes more than a few months to master real estate sales and clients.”

Another experienced agent said new agents underestimate the wide scope of the business, which is unlike any other.

“With all the different aspects, it’s almost a foreign language in its complexity. Dealing with personality issues of the client and the other agent, legal issues of the contract, paperwork for the broker, time management, money management, marketing myself as well as the property, finding new business — all of it was new or tweaked or different from nearly any other job I’d had.”