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A Strategic Future

Have a practical and meaningful plan in place from your first day to your last

Why be Strategic?

85-90% of real estate agents fail by the 2-3 years in the business. Most enter the field because it’s a low bar to entry. The successful agents create a strategic plan

Consumer consultant

Realtors are not saleman, they are consultants. Knowing how to understand and fulfill the demands of your client will be how you succeed

Social Media



 Using social media in a way that reaches the consumers you want in your business is the fastest, easiest and least expensive marketing tool


What we do for you


Provide training and tools

Agencyone NW will not sell you the fish but will instead teach you to fish. We know the industry leading edge tools from ChatGBT to MidJourney to blog creation


Your Path to success

Starting with education on lead generation, to application, we’ll teach you the tools you’ll need to develop relationships with online consumers as well as your sphere of influence



There are hundreds of training course on how to follow a transaction from start to finish to getting paid. We hold your hand throughout the process


100% commission

You keep 100% of the commission and pay us a small transaction and monthly fee. 

This keeps the money in YOUR pocket to pay for personal marketing


Work from home

In todays real estate world, all your tools are at your fingertips. No need to spend unnecessary time driving to an office that you don’t need. Don’t be fooled into thinking that real estate companies need fancy offices. That’s just for recruiting and you pay for it in the normal office split. Stay lean and comfortable at your home office


Transaction Platform

Our state of the art transaction platform is like having your own assistant. It’s as easy as email your files into your office. Just upload to our platform and your manager will make sure you’re doing things right.

About Us

We are a group of real estate brokers, independent and motivated that believe in spending our money in ways that work for us. our own social media, websites and advertising dollars to drive our own business. 


xpress forms and nwmls

Depending on your state, access all the forms you’ll need to write a listing or a buyer purchase agreement

Consumer Attraction Items

Gift when you meet your clients: Starbucks gift card:

Gifts at closing: to celebrate a major move for your clients

Gifts after closing : to stay top of mind. Once a quarter is enough after closing 

Latest Marketing Resources

Create and implement youtube videos discussing listings, neighborhoods, landscaping, remodeling, schools, shopping centers, playgrounds, access to entertainment and any other topic you and your clients are interested in.

Financial Services

We’ll recommend the best way to create a busienss and recommend, with your CPA blessing, that you set up an LLC, taxed as a Sub S and pay yourself a wage that is taxable.

Remember to consult your CPA to confirm

make 100K+ your first year when you create a strategic plan


Agent Websites

Take a look at the agents websites with the most popular search choices, revolving headers, listing alerts, visual activity stream to watch what your clients are looking at in real time, call center, interactive email campaign, landing pages, sales pages, instant ad...

Frequently Asked Questions

It's all a numbers game. With enough agents doing enough deals, it's actually a good business model and it works for us at The Force and remember that for a home over 500K, add $200 and commercial deals start at $545. . Yes, there is only one fee per state. There are...

What other agents have to say

I started working with Eileen Tefft and The Force Realty when I heard that they take only  a minor transaction fee and Zero Percent of my commissions. That alone was reason enough.  The huge surprise was the amazing training that we get at no additional cost. I feel...

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