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How can the office make a living on $345/deal?

It’s all a numbers game. With enough agents doing enough deals, it’s actually a good business model and it works for us at AgencyOne

and remember that for a home over 500K, add $200.  You can do commercial sales and leasing if you are trained to do them, If you are new, we can mentor you.

Can I work in both Portland and Vancouver for one fee?

Yes, there is only one fee even if you are working in both states. There are two state transaction programs and you get one 1099 per state at the end of the year, but only one fee.

Can I upgrade later?

Yes, you can change programs but need to be conscious of your decisions because once your clients get comfortable in our system, they’ll want to stay. At the low cost of $50/mo, you won’t find a better method of conversion and contact management. Top Producer is $39 without a website/sales pages/landing pages.

Does the transaction fee ever change?

Yes. the transaction fee of $345 applies to the first 500K of home price. Add $200 for every addtional 500K. For instance an 850K sale will cost $495 in transaction fee, but a 1M sale will cost $695.

Additionally, commercial transaction are $495, plus the $200 per 500K.

Do I have to buy leads from the company?

Absolutely Not! You can easily create free ad campaigns using facebook, Craigs List, Pinterest, Instagram and many, many others.

What type of Website will I have

You will have a subdomain website such as eileen@nwhousehunters.com

What if I want a personalized website

The best way to do that is to have a one page landing page, possibly in wordpress, where you have ‘about you’ and pictures that show best what type of properties or places you work. Then you would have a search button on that website and that would be linked to your subdomain at KV. We can show you how.

I have a website. Why do I need another?

If your website works for you, great. Just sign up for the basic plan at AgencyOne. However, our platform is more than a website. It’s an interactive marketing program that turns your contacts into leads and conversions in several different manners. Talk to me about the difference.

Do I own the leads if I buy them

If you pay for your leads, then you own them. If you leave Kunversion or AgencyOne, you will be allowed to download your leads.

Who do I pay for the leads

If you are paying for your own leads, then you order them and pay directly through KV. If you choose a plan where Eileen pays for the leads, then you pay at closing.

What is the cost per lead?

It changes, but right now Facebook leads cost around $5/lead and Google around $10/lead. Kunversion can generate leads for you or show you how to generate your own.

Is there a contract to sign

If you are signing up for our leads program where we provide the leads, then yes.

Do you have a preferred lender

Yes, our preferred lenders share in the cost of the lead and leads are rotated between lenders. These preferred lenders can only make an offer to the buyer and we will never force a buyer to use them.

Will my site get any traffic?

Your site is there when visitor’s come. It’s your job to get the visitors to the site by either buying Facebook, Google, Zillow, etc leads or creating free leads in one of the many methods shown on videos in KV trainings. OR, AgencyOne will buy your leads for you. see above plans.

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