Buyer Questionnaire

Questionnaire for the Buyer Discovery Book

It is in your best interest that FIRST we talk about YOU… 

Let’s Define Your Wants and Needs  We need to make a list of everything relating to your likes and dislikes, your style preferences in a home, it’s location and your lifestyle.

 Please print and complete the following inventory PRIOR TO OUR FIRST MEETING.

 Thank You!


Please fill out one questionnaire for each party buying and fill them out separately. You may be surprised at the differences that you and your partner have when it comes to your Buyer Discovery Book wants & needs.


  • Why are you considering moving?





  • How do you feel about that?





  • Where would you like to go?





  • What are your concerns about this?





  • What are your objectives in making this move?




  • What experiences have you had with buying your home or selling a home in the past?





  • What was positive about these experiences?






  • What was unpleasant about these experiences?






  • If you choose to buy a home now, what experience do you want to







  • What three things are most important to you?






  • What are your major concerns about the process?






  • What are you willing to do?






  • What are you unwilling to do?






  • Are you willing to live in a condo where you have Homeowner Association dues, but you may have access to different amenities?





  • What do you think you can afford to spend on a new home?






  • HIGHEST PRICE YOU WOULD EXPECT:                                               
  • MEDIUM PRICE YOU WOULD EXPECT:                                        
  • LOWEST PRICE YOU WOULD EXPECT:                                        


  • How did you determine those prices?




  • What is the end result you hope to obtain?






  • Assume it is six months from now…what would be perfect for you?















Defining Your Criteria for Finding Your New Home




  1. Where do you work?

Partner 1:                                                                                                                                        

Partner 2:                                                                                                             



Who will be commuting?                                                                                                  



To WHERE?                                                                                                                        


How far are will you be willing to commute?  See question 1 page 15 in Buyer Discovery Book  


Travel Time:  Peak?                                                           Non-Peak?                                          


  1. Are you interested in rapid transit?












1.B: What importance do schools play in your Buyer Discovery Book decision? See question 2 page 16 in Buyer Discovery Book.



If schools are an important factor in where you live, have you researched the schools and decided which districts or specific schools are comfortable for you?

















  1. Describe the community or neighborhood where you want to live… (Do they have specific neighborhoods? OR Can they describe the type of neighborhood) See question 3 page 17 & question 4 page 18 in Buyer Discovery Book  .






  1. How long would you plan on living there?                                                                   



















  1.  Describe what type of AREA and LOT AMENITIES you would like … what are the ones that are important to you and what are NOT SO IMPORTANTRefer again to question 3 and 4 pages 17 and 18 in Buyer Discovery Book  .




Please Review The Following Criteria and Rate According to YOUR NEEDS:


1 = ESSENTIAL        2 = DESIRABLE        3 = NOT CRITICAL        X = CANNOT HAVE



Property Features         RATE          REMARKS



CC&R’s:                                 ______            ________________________________________________

Prefer ‘Neighborhood’                                                                                                    

Prefer ‘No Neighborhood’                                                                                                                     


Fenced Yard:                                                                                                                  

Pet Related Needs:                                                                                                          

Children’s Needs:                                                                                                           

Outbuildings Needed:                                                                                                     

Terrain Preferred:                                                                                                           








  1. 8. Describe what style of home you will consider buying: See question 5, page 20 in Buyer Discovery Book .


Rambler:           ______            _________________________________________________

Split Level:        ______            _________________________________________________

Tri-level:            ______            _________________________________________________

1.5 Story:          ______            _________________________________________________

2 story:              ______            _________________________________________________

Basements:       ______            _________________________________________________











  1. What is the smallest amount of Square footage that you can live with?


             ____________________ Sq Ft




  1. Are you the type of buyer that wants a ‘fixer upper’ or a completely finished and

       perfect home?  See question 6 page 24, Buyer Discovery Book  .







1=Love to work        2=May love to work       3=Only if I have to


X= Under no circumstances…


Will I pick up a screwdriver?  What’s the handyman’s phone number?



RATE                              REMARKS


_____________             __________________________________________________________

_____________                 __________________________________________________________



Please RANK the following 1 to 5…


1= VERY important      5= NOT important:







Yard Size                        Patio                       
Deck                       Freeway Access                       
Convenience                        Curbs & Sidewalks                       
Parking                        Neighborhood Parks                       
School Quality                        Low Street Traffic                       
Pool                        Waterfront                       
Tennis/Sport Court                        Hot Tub                       
Seclusion                        Privacy                       
Trees                        Sun                       
Garden Space                         Quiet                       



  1. Describe what type of HOME FEATURES and AMENITIES you would like…what are

       the important ones to you and what are NOT SO IMPORTANT:



Please Review The Following Criteria and Rate According to YOUR NEEDS:






Home Feature




Home Feature




Home Feature




1 bedroom                                Office                                    Kitchen:
2 bedrooms                                Family Room                                    -Efficiency                               
3 bedrooms                                Living Room                                    -Lrg Country                               
4 bedrooms                                Bonus Room                                    – Gourmet                               
5 bedrooms                                Formal Dining                                    w/fam room                               
Master Bedroom:  


Fireplace:    w/eating




o   large                                o   1 in Liv Room  


   w/eating bar                                
o   walk-in closet                               o   1 in Fam Rm  


o   sitting area                                   2 fireplaces                                   Disposal                               
o   dressing area                                Heat Type:    Compactor                               
Master Bath: o   FA Gas                                   Microwave                               
o   large                                o   FA Electric  


   1 oven                               
o   w/soak tub  


o   Heat Pump  


   2 ovens                               
o    w/shower                                o   Wall Mt Elec  


   Cook top                               
o   w/2 sinks  


Garage:                                   Counter




2nd Bath                                
  • 1 car
                                  Center island                               
3rd Bath                               
  • 2 car
                                  Gas outlet                               
4th Bath                                
  • 3 car


Water Supply: Workshop                                Sewer Source
o   Public H20

o    Comm. H20

o     Well








Storage space                                o   Public


o   Septic









  1. Decide if you want a LARD YARD which may require that you purchase an older home or are you willing to live with a SMALLLER yard in order to find a home with community spaces and newer home. If Yard size is very important: see question 7 page 26 in Buyer Discovery Book.




  1. 13. Are you considering buying a CONDO?


Condos are unique to the buying process and we want to talk about their special features here.  Townhomes are similar to the types of houses we’ve already discussed, so you do not need to answer these questions if you are buying a townhome.


Please Rate the Features You Would Like to Have in a Condo:


1 = ESSENTIAL        2 = DESIRABLE        3 = NOT CRITICAL        X = CANNOT HAVE



Condo Features:                        RATE                REMARKS




Urban environment                _______________________________________________________

Suburban environment           ______________________________________________________

Natural environment              ______________________________________________________

Hi-rise                                    ______________________________________________________

Low-rise                                 ______________________________________________________

Walk-able Neighborhood        ______________________________________________________

Bus/Transit access                 ______________________________________________________

Parking                                  ______________________________________________________

Commute Time                      ______________________________________________________



Green construction                 ______________________________________________________

Energy efficient                      ______________________________________________________

Secure parking                       ______________________________________________________

Covered parking                    ______________________________________________________

Security entrance                    ______________________________________________________

Concierge                               ______________________________________________________

Deck                                      ______________________________________________________

Patio                                      ______________________________________________________

Garden                                   ______________________________________________________

Fireplace                                ______________________________________________________

Gourmet kitchen                    ______________________________________________________

Swimming pool                      ______________________________________________________

Sauna                                     ______________________________________________________

Gym                                       ______________________________________________________         

Community room                   ______________________________________________________

Media room                            ______________________________________________________


Business center                       ______________________________________________________

Top floor                                      ______________________________________________________

Ground floor                           ______________________________________________________

End unit                                    ______________________________________________________

Interior entry                               ______________________________________________________

Exterior entry                         ______________________________________________________

Extra storage                               ______________________________________________________

Pets                                        ______________________________________________________