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Experience where it counts - AgencyOne NW - A Game Changer

AgencyOne NW Designated Broker is Eileen Tefft. She received her real estate license decades ago with the intent to purchase investment real estate for her husband and herself. Quickly, Eileen got involved with clients and actually sold two homes and listed one on her first day in the business and was thus mentioned in a national conference! And they all closed! Real Estate sales turned out to be a natural occupation for Eileen and over the years as economics waxed and waned, Eileen began to practice commercial real estate and became a real estate syndicator, putting large public and private syndications together. 

During these years, real estate contracts changed from a 7 copy 1 page contract to a 17 page contract. Eileen remembers each lawsuit that caused different forms to be created. As an example, the lawsuit that buyers lost the value decrease when they walked away from a purchase in a down trending market that lead the forms to change to protecting the buyer from losing more than their earnest money.  This experience, knowledge and history is why Eileen, today is such a solver of problems for her agents and her contract review has saved so many agents from expensive contract mistakes.

Prior to the real estate collapse in the mid 2000s, Eileen because an expert in condo conversions in Hawaii and completed 9 projects. Additionally, she was a partner in a Seattle based construction and development company that spearheaded a 54 lot subdivision in Everett.  She also owned a commercial and residential RE/MAX franchise and still owns real estate in Issaquah, WA

In 2013, Eileen, looking for a way to create a real estate company for agents, created a concept called Broker in a Box where real estate agents could associate with a technology and practices company that would provide the backbone to their business so that they could work with their clients. Marketing is difficult, takes time to learn and implement and is often ignored by real estate agents. Making access to marketing easier and charging low fees, allows an agent to put more money into creating more business in a much simpler and straightforward manner. 

Although Eileen is not available 24/7, she puts in outrageous hours answering the telephone for her agents, assisting in the problem solving an active agent encounters and personally providing mentoring and assistants. Eileen is a legal nut and compliance is a strong issue for her and she personally reviews all transactions and provides training through this review.