100% commission education and the best tech

What We do

We Empower Agents to Build their Own Boutique Real Estate Companies.

But without the burden of operating your own brokerage business.

With AgencyOne, it’s all about YOU

not us.

Our approach

we are dedicated to revolutionizing the real estate industry

You do all the work and by recognizing that and putting agents first,

the agent/team grows their own business  


Our Mission

To provide teams and individual agents the necessary tools

that allow them to concentrate on what they do best

Agents concentrate on working with buyers and sellers



Drop us a line at: info@agencyonerealty.com

OR:Give us a ring today at 503-409-5877 and ask for Jonathan.

We love to hear about your experience and look forward to serving you.

15 + 6 =

Marketing material that get the Job done

Logo services, Website and social media creation. You name it, we can do it

Free transaction management system

Easy to use, just email in the documents and presto, the transaction is all set up. Need Transaction Management? We have that, too

100% Commission

Better for you, better for your team

Free Trainings and Workshops

From 24/7 online training to our own new agent and continuing education clock hour coursework


Our goal is Your Goal! We want to help you grow your own boutique company. We have the TOOLBOX to help you do it!

Agency Website with Lead Capture

We’ll set you up with referral leads or if you are adventurous, have us set up your own buyer and seller funnels and create your OWN leads!

One Fee for both Washington and Oregon licensees

How cool is that. 2 states for the price of one. We don’t care, just keep growing!

Experienced Broker Support

Best in the business. Decades of experience in development, construction, investments, commercial and residential real estate sales

AgencyOne Realty – The Real Estate Agent’s Realty

With decades of experience in the real estate industry we have identified a gap in the market for an agency that puts the needs of agents first, this allows the agents to put the needs of their clients first. We created a business model that prioritizes providing agents with the tools and resources they need to succeed.  Want your own company name and team and build your own business???We can help you do that while keeping 100% of your commission. Prefer to operate as a stand alone agent?  We can help you do that too and offer all the tools to make that happen.  Our emphasis on technology, training, and marketing knowledge shows our commitment to helping agents grow and expand their businesses. We know what you need!




Hear what our agents have to say….

From the first time we met, Eileen, you were honest and straight forward and a straight shooter. I only want to work with people who are going to be straight with me so I don’t waste any time and effort. Eileen, when I work with you I know you will work best for the client and you will tell the truth and I know you know what you’re talking about.

You are prepared and know how you can help me. The thing I like is the fact that Eileen has something in black and white that I can utilize. Eileen did her homework to help the client get to their bottom lines to find what they need.


Jan Gaynor

Wealth Manager

I started working with Eileen Tefft and AgencyOne when I heard that they take only a minor transaction fee and Zero Percent of my commissions. That alone was reason enough. The huge surprise was the amazing training that we get at no additional cost. Eileen is a marketing genius and now my career is heading into high gear!


Marilyn Strube

Real Estate Broker, AgencyOne NW

Just wanted to let you know I thought that today’s meeting was especially informative and useful. I admire your enthusiasm and appreciate your willingness to share your knowledge. Although I am not overly active in real estate, I do find real estate interesting and feel fortunate to be a broker with AgencyOne NW,  Thanks for all!

Brad Thompson

Real Estate Broker

Eileen is great. She is helpful, hard working and a real pro. Any realtor would benefit by working for her and AgencyOne. My experience has been very positive and the low fees are a real plus. Do yourself a favor and join the team.

Sean Evans

Real Estate Broker, AgencyOne NW

…… I wanted to make sure I said how thankful I am for you!!! Thank you for backing me up and for knowing my integrity and character and for going to bat for me. I am so grateful for you.

Christie Conley

Real Estate Broker, AgencyOne NW


Your company name is your brand, not ours

A brokerage Web presence that fosters agent individuality and automates the lead distribution based on agent merit (award based national distribution system).


Our associates are our brand: We understand and value our associates who make up the agencyone organization. Since our inception in 2004 as Force Realty, we have grown from 5 agents to just over 600. Throughout those 14 years, we’ve learned that it’s not a given person or event that shapes our business, but everyone collectively that contributes to our growth and success.

Our business model has become a series of “ONE More” good ideas. We hire associates ONE at a time and believe in the ONE-On-ONE approach to mentorship and education. Our associates ARE our brand and represent the very best agencyone has to offer. Our technology is our brand: Our “Brokerage in a Box” CRM platform affords our associates a ONE stop shop for all things related to performing at your best.

You no longer need to subscribe to various 3rd party applications as our solution is self-contained under ONE roof. From lead generation, transaction management, payments and reporting, we handle all the mundane tasks so you can focus on your clients and generating business. Our relationships with customers are our brand: We understand that our customers are at the foundation of our organization.

We cherish our long term relationships and fully understand that happy customers make for happy associates which in turn contribute to our overall success.Content goes here


Our signs are eye-catching and professionally printed with a national online storefront.  Place your order online and have them delivered to your nearest office or personal residence.

OR, create you own!